Daily Tips for wellbeing

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You’ll get simple tips to help you relax, manage stress and bring more joy into your life.

Step 1 – Stay Heart Centered

Life can be overwhelming sometimes; too much of just about everything, and saying no isn’t always easy.

This is where living from your heart and staying heart centered really makes a difference!

This will help you increase your self-esteem, handle stress, and makes you feel great in your everyday life.

You need to do the heart meditation once a day, it´s the key to stay inside your heart for 24 hours.

Choose between the heart meditation of about 20 minutes or the shortcut that takes less than 3 minutes – both are equally effective.

You’ll find the shortcut to your heart, under Daily Tips – the next level.

Choose between two levels!

The first level:

In the first level, you get the tips in a slightly simpler way. Here you get shorter texts that help you feel better.

The next level:

Want more tips with guided exercises, videos and the shortcut to the heart? Try Daily Tips on the next level – here you will get more help and support.

Stay Heart Centered